Construction equipment rental, a booming market!

The construction equipment rental market continues to grow. According to statistics, this sector is recording a growth rate of 8 n 2021 with an estimated turnover of 4.56 billion euros. 4.56 billion. Rental companies also continue to invest in renewing and expanding their fleets in order to meet increasingly high demand.

How can this growth be explained?

Today, more and more craftsmen are renting their equipment.

Indeed, this offers them an interesting gain of money, by avoiding them to invest in the purchase of all the material necessary for each building site. Between earthmoving machines, transport equipment and technical tools, the bill can indeed rise rapidly. Renting large amounts of equipment for one-off jobs ensures the profitability of their company. And thanks to this solution, they can respond to all tenders and expand their activities.

If they lack specific equipment to meet the needs of a construction site, they are no longer obliged to refuse the site due to a lack of adequate equipment. All they have to do is rent it from a specialized company. For example, for excavation or earthmoving work, they can opt for mini excavator rental.The handling of the tools is also the responsibility of the rental company. Thanks to the rental of equipment, craftsmen avoid the expenses related to maintenance and the constraints linked to storage.

They have at their disposal high-performance equipment at the cutting edge of technology enabling them to carry out quality and precision work. If this market is growing steadily, it is because equipment rental allows companies and craftsmen in the building and public works sector to optimise their services, time and costs.

How does the rental process work?

Like all other sectors, the construction equipment rental sector is also adapting to the challenges of digitisation. Today, it is possible to use this type of service on the web. Rental elevatuer, rental trolleys .

online rental companies offer a wide range of site equipment. After a precise analysis of his needs, the craftsman can then book the equipment he needs directly on these sites. Then, he indicates the duration of the rental. The latter impacts on the cost of the rental.

For this reason, it is recommended to estimate it correctly. The ideal is to ask the lessor if it is possible to extend the contract. If this is the case, it is better to choose a shorter rental period if you are not sure how long you will be using the equipment.In order to get the best price, it is advisable to compare at least three offers. You should also be careful about the condition and quality of the equipment.

Finally, in order to avoid extra costs related to transport, it is best to choose a rental company located close to the construction site. This also allows the craftsman to be quickly repaired in case of a problem.